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Aries daily horoscope las vegas nv

Aug 12, 2022

You should have a wonderfully romantic day today, Aries. Your romantic interest is particularly alluring and is probably in a terrific mood. You can want to arrange a weekend trip or opt to go to a lecture together. You two communicate in an open, sincere, encouraging, and loving manner. Do not let today slip by. If at all feasible, make sure you get together. This might turn out to be a day to remember.

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Aug 8, 2022 - Aug 14, 2022

Even though the summer may soon be coming to a close, you still have Thursday’s full moon in Aquarius to throw a huge celebration. The moon will be in your social zone, enticing you to socialize with new people and have fun. People can really get along at a summer party, Aries.

especially if Venus enters Leo on the same day you’re hoping to find love. You’ll be more than ready to get heated with a new partner because the planet of love will be in your comfort zone. Passions will be high, which could lead to both drama and pleasure.

When Mars in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn on Sunday, you might end the week on a bright note and have a good chance of a raise or promotion. Be brave so you can use your possible windfall to buy a new automobile or wardrobe. Enjoy!

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August 2022

Mars, your governing planet, Uranus, and the Lunar Node unite in nearby Torres on August 1 for the first and only time in your lifetime. Since Taurus is a financial sign, it is likely that any changes to the financial system will have an impact on all signs. Yours is a sign that enjoys taking center stage. Therefore, be careful not to take unwarranted risks because they could result in a financial accident. Also keep in mind that with Jupiter in your sign, your need for more could push you toward unwise spending. The days leading up to the Full Moon on August 12 will probably require the application of reins, with the dangerous day of August 14 being in particular (especially if Internet shopping). Could Also, keep in mind that Saturday, August 27, may once more result in unforeseen and expensive charges. But starting on Friday the 26th, your ability to sell undesired stuff is improved, which should aid in rebalancing the books.

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